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BWA Contemporary Art Gallery Katowice
Academy of Fine Arts Katowice
October 18 - 22, 2000

The artists :

Heinz BAUMÜLLER (Germany), Pierre BEAUDOIN (Canada), Roger BOURKE (England), Jozef BURY (France/Poland), Marek CHLANDA (Poland), Shane CULLEN (Ireland), Rachel ECHENBERG (Canada), Toshihiko ENDO (Japan), Peter GRZYBOWSKI (U.S.A.), Roddy HUNTER (England), Brian KENNEDY (Ireland), Stéphanie KERDREUX (France), Ireneusz KULIK (Germany), Marek KUS (Poland), Ulrich LEPKA (Germany), Lukasz SKAPSKI (Poland), Artur TAJBER (Poland), Tomasz WENGLAND (Poland), Cora von ZEZSCHWITZ (France)


Energy in movement - Symposium :


"The energy in movement" is the topic of this year’s Symposium. We want to consider the question of the phenomenon of electromagnetic radiation involved in creation, registration and transmission of actual artistic facts. Various forms of radiation that operates behind our senses (radio, ultra, infra, micro), used on purpose or in a way more or less spontaneous and subconscious, enrich the palette of today’s artists, in which the comprehensible ranges of radiation (heat, gravitation, visibility and audibility) are usually included. Today, the analysis of an artistic fact from the phenomenal point of view, traditionally related to the visible and audible ranges, should include the significantly extended range of electromagnetic radiation. The thing is not in observing or investigating the phenomena in themselves (this is the problem of science), but rather in the analysis of changes caused by the presence of such phenomena within artistic landscape. This concerns both the situation of coming of a work of art into being and the evolution of attitude and consciousness of the artist, as well as changes in perception of art that operates with energy from behind the area of sensation. Confrontation of photography with fine arts had once caused a radical change in the way of understanding the picture. Today, the influence of new technologies provokes an intensive dialogue of simultaneous effects of recognisable and non-sensible radiation. The complex character of the question of new artistic reality and the lack of critical instrument that would allow for its analysis make that the essence and creative assumptions of contemporary art are too often based upon various believes and shaded by a sparse esoteric interpretation. [ J. Bury, 2000]

The participants :

Roberto BARBANTI - Zagadnienie ultramedialnosci. / La question de l'ultramedialité.

Jozef BURY - Rozmowa z Wlodzimierzem Borowskim. / Entretien avec Wlodzimierz Borowski.

Georges DIDI-HUBERMAN - Sejsmografia czasu. / Sismographies du temps.

Marcin SOBIESZCZANSKI - Dystans jako medium kontaktu. / Distance en tant que médium de contact.


Catalogue :

Jozef BURY (dir.) 2002. "III Miedzynarodowe Spotkania Sztuki Katowice 2000 3rd International Art Meeting". Katowice: Galeria Sztuki Wspolczesnej BWA Katowice.


Curators :

Jozef BURY, Marek KUS
Collaboration : Sylvette BABIN, Canada ; Ilona BALCEREK, Germany ; Marcel HAGER - Unwahr Bureau, Berlin : Kyo HOSHINO - M.M.A.C. , Japan ; Marcin SOBIESZCZANSKI - Æsthetica-Nova, France ; Artur TAJBER - Fort Sztuki Krakow ; Tomasz WENGLAND - Inner Space, Poznan.


Shane CULLEN, prformance-installation. 2nd International Art Meeting, BWA Katowice. Photo : J. Bury.


The second edition of the Meeting of 1998 was characterised by a combination of the open experimental confrontation of artistic attitudes and the thematic symposium on selected questions of contemporary art. This formula has been also accepted for this year's third edition of the International Art Meeting Katowice 2000. During the Meeting days, the BWA Gallery as well as the open area of the town of Katowice became the field of exhibitions, installations, projections and of ephemeral actions made by invited artists. The thematic symposium that allowed us to present theoretical thought of the experts on art theory and philosophy was simultaneously held at the Academy of Fine Arts. The idea of International Art Meeting, realised since 1997, has gained a high rank and importance in the area of international exchange of artistic practice and accompanying theoretical reflection. Thanks to three editions that have been held so far, 63 artists and 12 experts of the humanities, representing the most significant contemporary art milieus from Europe, Asia and North America have confronted their practice and thought. Alternative character and wide range of proposals presented at Katowice Meeting enabled the Silesian and national audience to familiarise with current evolution of attitudes, trends and questions of world contemporary art. With their source matters, the multilingual catalogues published on the occasion of each Meeting have become significant references in the field of international research of the current phenomena of art. Thanks to their wide geographic and lingual extent, these documents are also a durable testimony of participation of the Polish artistic environment in shaping and developing the newest attitudes in world art.


The project of International Art Meeting received financial support of Phare Fiesta II European Comunnity Program.

Kind help in organising : Akademia Sztuk Pieknych w Katowicach; Conseil des Arts du Canada; Teatr Slaski Im. St. Wyspianskiego w Katowicach; The Japan Fundation; Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis.

BWA Contemporary Art Gallery Katowice is a non-profit cultural institution of the City of Katowice.