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BWA Contemporary Art Gallery Katowice

October 8 - 12, 1998

The artists :

Sylvette BABIN (Canada), Janusz BALDYGA (Poland), Roberto BARBANTI (Italy), Jozef BURY (France/Poland), Tomasz DOMANSKI (Poland), Iwona JUSKOWIAK-ABRAMS (England), Noboru KAMITA (Japan), Chantal LABINSKI (Germany), Lech MAJEWSKI (Poland), Lionel MARCHETTI (France), Karen MIRZA (England), Krzysztof MORCINEK (Poland), Taisuke MORISHITA (Japan), OTTJORG A.C. (Germany), Antoni PRZECHRZTA (England), Jozef ROBAKOWSKI (Poland), Marek ROGULSKI (Poland), Kureha SHINJO (Japan), Janos SZIRTES (Hungary), Artur TAJBER (Poland)


Status of the reality - Symposium

This year our desire was to enlarge the project with a Symposium on "The Status of Reality in Contemporary Art." The question of place, significance and the function of reality in contemporary art in an era of technological simulation is of particular importance. The proposed issues are justified by the phenomena that appeared in the artistic field throughout recent decades. Photography and video have their evident relation with reality; collage, ready-made objects, found objects and works in-situ accept the precedent conditions; land-art needs topological appropriation; performance has to solve the problem of real time and space. And what about the examples of treating the artists body as a specific medium in contemporary artistic practice...? Do we use reality in defence of the menaced position of subjectivity of the artist, or rather to create inter-subjective common ground? Is this an attempt to save the object and real experience in comparison with the domination of the picture, or the need to eliminate the space-time distance introduced by remote transmission? Is this a provocation of the museum institution and its digestive capacity, or our disbelief in its mission? Is this a sign of the infertility of creative imagination or the recognition of the force of reality as the basis of verification? With these questions, however inexhaustive, we have invited experts of art history and art theory, to analyse through this perspective the "Status of the reality in art", the artistic phenomenon of the last decades.   [J. Bury, 1998]

The participants :

Odile BLIN - Le paysage photographié ou la réalité de la réalité / Pejzaz fotografowany albo rzeczywistosc rzeczywistosci.

Olivier CAPPAROS - La réalité théâtrale de Samuel Beckett / Rzeczywistosc teatralna Samuela Becketta.

Pascal GIBOURG - Ce beau qui exaspère / Piekno które oburza.

Georges DIDI-HUBERMAN - La dialectique du visuel, ou le jeu de l’évidemment / Dialektyka wizualnosci lub gra wyprózniania.

Kyo HOSHINO - Japanese performance and characters / Sztuka performance w Japonii.

Bozena KOWALSKA - Reality of art - but of what kind? / Rzeczywistosc w sztuce - ale jaka?

Roman KUBICKI - Art within the limits of a confined life / Sztuka w granicach skonczonego zycia.

Maria Anna POTOCKA - What is the phenomenon of Fluxus based on? / Fluxus.

Marcin SOBIESZCZANSKI - La peau du monde. Une phénoménologie de la photographie "lente" / Skóra swiata. Fenomenologia fotografii dlugoczasowej.

Jan TRZUPEK - Motif of hands in Andrzej Pawlowski's works / Motyw rak w dzielach Andrzeja Pawlowskiego.

Catalogue :

Jozef BURY (dir.) 1998. "II Miedzynarodowe Spotkania Sztuki Katowice 1998 2nd International Art Meeting". Katowice: Galeria Sztuki Wspolczesnej BWA Katowice.

Curators :

Jozef BURY, Marek KUS
Collaboration : Marcel HAGER - Unwahr Bureau, Berlin ; Kyo HOSHINO - M.M.A.C. Japan.

Kind help in organising : Akademia Sztuk Pieknych w Katowicach; Conseil des Arts du Canada; Teatr Slaski Im. St. Wyspianskiego w Katowicach.



The project of International Art Meeting received financial support of Phare Fiesta II European Comunnity Program.

BWA Contemporary Art Gallery Katowice is a non-profit cultural institution of the City of Katowice.